So you’ve decided to purchase your first property. Maybe you have owned your property for many many years and now wish to sell. If you have never used a Settlement Agent before and are confused by what it is or when you might need one, you may be asking what is a Settlement Agent and when do I need to appoint one? Read on for some insightful answers.

What is a Settlement Agent?

A settlement agent (also known as a conveyancer) is a licensed, qualified agent, who handles the preparation of documentation to sell or buy a propertyOnce you have agreed on an offer to sell or buy your property, the Settlement Agent is then sent all the relevant offer documentation by us and then the Settlement Agent will ensure everything is in order for a smooth transfer of land/property from one owner to the next.

When do I need to appoint?

Best practise would be to be to start researching your chosen Settlement Agent, at the time of listing your property for sale, so that when that ideal offer comes in, you are armed with your Settlement Agent right from the get go*. Or for purchasers, at the time when you are beginning to start placing an offer on your dream property.

Where do I start looking?

Asking friends and family that have sold or purchased property before is a great place to start. They will be able to give you honest feedback on what the process was like for them.

However, please see below a list of Settlement Agents our clients have used previously and have given us great feedback on their experience.

What's my property worth?
We'll prepare a full appraisal report of your property based on our vast local knowledge and market activity.

This is just a small list, there are plenty of great Settlement Agent’s out there.

Our advice: do your research. Ask lots of questions. And if you need any further information on choosing the right one, feel free to give us a call!


*All sales must now be registered with the Office of State Revenue within 2 months of the Offer & Acceptance date. Your chosen Settlement Agent will forward this relevant information to the department. This is why it’s best practice to have your chosen Settlement Agent ready before or at the time of signing off the Offer & Acceptance. More information on the government requirements HERE

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