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These guidelines are in place to ensure you find the place that’s right for you, and enjoy your new home and a trouble free tenancy.


Viewing the property


Applying for a property


Information for tenant


Lease agreements


Property Condition Report




Rent payments/arrears


Security bond


Routine inspections


Finalising your tenancy



Viewing the property
At Mark Hay Realty Group we have a unique and easy online booking system which allows flexibility to book a time to view any property currently available for lease at any time that suits you.
Be sure to register your details to keep up to date with any notifications relevant to the property such as price adjustments, home open times, and follow ups once you’ve attended and if you happened to miss the viewing you will be kept up to date with links to similar properties and more.
We also schedule weekend and after hours home opens. You can see the current and updated times by clicking this link or calling our office on 9225 7000.
You can book an inspection time via any of our property listings here.
Applying for a property

We have recently launched a new feature where our valued tenants have the ability to obtain and apply for any property under our management to become ‘Pre Approved’ for the property of your choice. This is a more proactive approach and allows for the ground work to be complete prior to viewing the property and moving to the next stage.

Applications can be found and submitted in any of the following ways: Please ensure you have completed the following checklist:
  • 120 points of ID supplied
  • Proof of Income – payslips, work contract, bank statements
  • Contact details of current owner/agent/person who you currently pay rent to.
  • Migration/ Student Visas

We prioritise your application and aim to attain complete and turn around within 24 hours, however there can sometimes be delays, we will keep you updated.To expedite this process please ensure that you notify your employer and personal references that we will be in contact to avoid delays.

Information for Tenant
At the time of signing the lease, tenant/s will be handed a copy of the Department of Commerce -Information for Tenants. This form is to be referred to in conjunction with the Tenancy Agreement and is a Schedule of your Rights and Duties as a Tenant.

Lease agreements
Once your application has been accepted you will receive an email with the confirmation notice, this notice will contain important information and the steps on what to expect next and how to move forward. To handover the keys to your new home we will meet you in our office on an agreed time and day, please allow 1 hour for this appointment.
Security Bond
You should expect to pay equivalent to 4 weeks rent as part of the security bond for your new home unless the rent exceeds $1200 per week or you have a pet bond component, which is always $260.
The bond is lodged by our office with Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety and held there until such time as you wish to vacate the property and the bond can be refunded.
You will be notified by bondsonline.com that we have lodged the bond and you will be required to use the online portal to confirm some details, please ensure you have access to an email account and mobile phone.

Rent payments/arrears
At the time of signing your new Tenancy Agreement you will be required to pay a further 2 weeks rent, we will provide receipt and date of your next payment due.
Rent payments should be made in advance and if at any time you are unable to make a rental payment please contact your property manager. Please note, nonpayment in rent is a Breach of Agreement and will result in further action.
It is essential that our valuable tenants clearly understand their responsibility to insure themselves against contents loss or damage. We strongly suggest that Tenants insurance their contents.

Feel free to contact us to discuss some options.
Property Condition Report (PCR)
The Property Condition Report (PCR) is a very important record of the condition of the property at the commencement of the tenancy and will be used at the end of your tenancy to identify any discrepancies with the condition of the property.
You will be provided two copies of this report within 7 days of your Tenancy Agreement start date, you should review, make any required changes, sign and return one copy to your Property Manager within 7 days from receiving the report. Failure to do so will result in the Final Inspection being carried out against the original report.
Routine inspections
The first Routine Inspection may be carried out around 6-8 weeks after the commencement of your tenancy agreement and every 3-4 months thereafter. You will receive a email with Notice of Intended Inspection with no less than 7 days’ notice and no more than 14 days’ notice. Please ensure the property is presented in a clean and tidy manner.
Finalising your tenancy
For a fixed term agreement, no less than 30 days written notice is to be provided to your property manager and for a Periodic Tenancy Agreement no less than 21 days written notice is to be provided to your property manager. DOWNLOAD TENANT TERMINATION FORM Please refer to your Property Condition Report and Tenant Vacating Checklist to ensure the prompt finalisation of your Tenancy. Carpet and general cleaning should be carried out prior to returning your keys to our Royal Street office.

VIEW/DOWNLOAD TENANT VACATING CHECKLIST HERE Please note, rent will be charged until the keys are returned to our office, please do not lock your keys inside the property. To ensure your bond is received, please provide your forwarding address to your Property Manager at the time of returning your keys.

A Final Bond Inspection will be carried out by one of our staff members within 2 working days of returning the keys to our office. If there are any cleaning or damage discrepancies, you will be notified accordingly. Once we have calculated any deductions to be made to your Security Bond, if any, a Joint Application for Disposal of Security Bond will be forwarded to you for signing.
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