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Tenant Information

These guidelines are in place to ensure you find the place that’s right for you, and enjoy your new home and a trouble free tenancy.

Viewing the property

All viewing times are listed on our website.  If you are unable to view the property at the scheduled time, please contact our friendly staff to arrange an alternate viewing time.

Unless otherwise specified, viewings are scheduled for 15 minutes and begin promptly at the advertised time.

Applying for a Property

At the time of viewing, you can obtain an Application for Residential Tenancy from our staff member, or download here. Please note that your application will only be processed if you have physically inspected the property and provided the following:

  • Holding Deposit– (Cash accepted, exact amount required) Note: If you are accepted for the property, this money will be used towards you’re the rental payments due. If you are not accepted for the property, the money will be refunded to you into the nominated account provided in your application form. If you are accepted for the property then withdrawal your application, you will forfeit the holding deposit.
  • Copy of photo identification i.e. Drivers License or Passport – 120 points of ID is required.
  • All tenants that will be residing at the premises are to fill out their details and sign where required.

Applications can be submitted In the following ways:

  • In person – Suite 28/118 Royal Street, East Perth
  • Scanned & emailed to:
  • Tip: The more information that you provide on your application, the more information we can provide the owner to make an informed decision about your application.  Providing all the information at once will also speed up the approval process.

Information for Tenant

At the time of signing the lease, tenant/s will be handed a copy of the Department of Commerce -Information for Tenants. This form is to be referred to in conjunction with the Tenancy Agreement and is a Schedule of your Rights and Duties as a Tenant.

Click here to download Department of Commerce – Information for Tenants.pdf

Lease agreements

At the time of accepting your application, we will arrange a mutually suitable date and time to sign the Residential Tenancy Agreement Form 1AA, referred to herein as the Lease, pay the Security Bond, Rent and collect the keys.  This will be carried out in our offices at 28/118 Royal Street, East Perth. Please allow an hour for this appointment.

It is your responsibility to ensure you understand the Lease Agreement and accompanying documents before signing. If you are unsure, please feel free to ask one our friendly staff members to explain anything that is unclear to you.  The Lease is a legal document and contains the terms of your tenancy and all rights and obligations you have as the Tenant. Please ensure you keep your copy in a safe place.

Security Bond

The Standard Security Bond is 4 weeks’ rent and held for the duration of your tenancy with the Bond Administrator, located in the Department of Consumer and Employment Protection.

Once the tenancy is finalised, you will be asked to sign a Joint Application for Disposal of Security Bond to release the bond.  PLEASE NOTE, WE DO NOT HOLD THE BOND IN OUR OFFICE AND CAN NOT RELEASE ANY MONIES UNTIL ALL EXPENSES RELATING TO THE PROPERTY HAVE BEEN FINALISED.

Rent payments

Rent must be paid 2 weeks in advance at all times. Preferred payment methods are:

  • Bank transfer to our National Bank account
  • Direct debit (set up between you and your bank)

Our staff will provide you with our bank account details and your individual ID code on request.

Rent Arrears

If you are going to be late with your rent payment for any reason, you MUST contact your Property Manager to discuss this prior to your rent being due. Failing to advise your Property Manager WILL result in a TERMINATION NOTICE being issued to you, if your rent falls 2 or more days in arrears.

Failing to pay your rent up to date in full before the expiry of your termination notice WILL result in an immediate application to court and lodgement on the National Tenancy Database as a defaulting tenant. If you do receive a notice of termination and you have paid your rent, then please contact your Property Manager and provide a receipt for proof of payment.


It is essential that Tenants clearly understand their responsibility to insure themselves against loss.  Listed below is an insurance company familiar with tenancies insurance requirements.

EBM Tenant Cover – click here –

Property Condition Report

At the commencement of your tenancy, you will be provided with a Property Condition Report (PCR).  Please check through the details of the PCR thoroughly in accordance with the instructions on the report, sign, retain one copy for your records and return one copy to our office within 7 days.  Failure to do so will result in the Final Bond Inspection being carried out against this original report.

Routine Inspections

A Routine Inspection will be carried out approximately 6 weeks after the commencement of your tenancy and every 3 months thereafter.  Please ensure the property is presented in a clean and tidy manner for each inspection.

Finalising Your Tenancy

It is your responsibility to instruct your Managing Agent in writing of your intention to vacate the property. Click here to download the Tenant Termination form

For a periodic tenancy, 21 days written notice is required.  For a fixed term tenancy, please provide as much notice as possible, however a minimum of 30 days is required.

Please refer to your Property Condition Report and Tenant Vacating Checklist to ensure the prompt finalisation of your Tenancy.  Carpet and general cleaning should be carried out prior to returning your keys to our Royal Street office.

Please note, rent will be charged until the keys are returned to our office, please do not lock your keys inside the property.

To ensure your bond is received, please provide your forwarding address to your Managing Agent at the time of returning your keys.

A Final Bond Inspection will be carried out by one of our staff members within 2 working days of returning the keys to our office. If there are any cleaning or damage discrepancies, you will be notified accordingly.  Once we have calculated any deductions to be made to your Security Bond, if any, a Joint Application for Disposal of Security Bond will be forwarded to you for signing.

Repairs / Maintenance Request

Please report any maintenance to your Property Manager by completing the Maintenance Request Form.
Please refer to the attached ‘Maintenance Attendance’ information flyer for examples of “Urgent Repairs