This is something that you very rarely ever hear real estate agents say and that is, potentially never sell your property. Let’s look at that a bit further…

As we know, property is a long term game. We look for capital growth over a longer period of time and the longer we hold it, the greater it comes under the cumulative growth of real estate.

So when you sell a property, obviously you’re paying all your in costs and your out costs, which can amount to probably 10% of the value of the property. On top of that, if it’s an investment, you’re going to be up for capital gains tax. Anything from zero to probably 25% of that gain could be taxable. If it’s your principal place of residence, you pay no tax.

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But instead of selling, consider the other option; leveraging against/borrowing against the capital growth and then putting that into a further property. So when I say never sell, consider the idea of borrowing against it to purchase further property.

If you want assistance with that, as I’ve been doing it for the last three decades with a lot of clients, feel free to come forward.