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Caveat emptor – Latin for BUYER BEWARE!

In the purchasing of any property, understanding your rights as a purchaser is paramount. What remains with the property, what is treated as a fixture/fitting and what is required to be repaired is always an area where contention can occur.

Under the Joint Forms of General Conditions for the sale of land in WA, the purchaser has within 5 days of settlement the ability to inspect the property to ensure;

  1. it is as inspected when purchased;

  2. everything is working and functioning correctly. Please note – the final inspection is not a final opportunity to ask for repairs for items you didn’t pick up in the sale inspection, but you are firmly within your rights to request following;

  3. All gas electrical and plumbing devices should be in good working order and an RCD certificate and hardwired smoke alarms are compulsory. As for lights or power points not working, it is required of the seller to repair all that are not working including, hot water systems, retic, air-con etc. obviously the property has been purchased in good faith that the utilities are in working order for its age.

  4. Included in a property sale will always be the fixtures and fittings being light fittings, floor coverings and all window treatments, dishwashers, pool equipment and garden sheds. Ironically it’s these items that appear to be the most contentious at the time of settlement.

  5. There is an obligation for the sellers to have the property clear and free of rubbish, debris or personal belongings.

The quickest resolution for minor items that aren’t working I.E. 2 lights not working and toilet system leaking would be to agree to a sum of $350 (thereabouts) to withhold at settlement and the incoming owner can repair. This takes pressure off running around with trades a few days from settlement then having the re-inspect

Finally, on final inspection be sure to have all keys including window locks, screen doors, letterboxes etc.

You’ll find a handy checkoff list on our website or feel free to contact one of our helpful staff to assist further.

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September 13, 2017
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