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5 Ways to Decorate your Rental without Damage


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So you’ve moved into a new rental property, you want to make it feel like “home”, add your style and touch to it, you’re ready to decorate.

So, how? When you can’t make any changes to the property without risking the cost of repairs or your bond at the end of your tenancy?

Here are 5 ideas to style your rental without causing damage:


Lighting is subtly powerful thing, it impacts almost everything from your sleep to your brain power.
Don’t underestimate the power of the right lighting, if your new home has little natural light,  swap your light globes for brighter, warmer or cooler globes to brighten darker rooms.

Lumens equals brightness, a typical house hold bulb produces 800 lumens equivalent to 60 watts, consider adding brighter bulbs to create a lighter fresh feeling to the areas of your home.
Lamps and string lights are another great option, tall floor lamps are a great piece to add to your home with endless options to add to the “look” you are creating.



As well as being aesthetically pleasing and creating an instant new look to your home, indoor plants offer a range of health benefits too, from increased oxygen levels and improved health to purifying the air, adding greenery to your home will add beauty, character, charm and texture.

Succulents can be purchased in a range of shapes, colours and sizes, from tiny plants to larger more mature varieties, they’re easy to care for with very little maintenance and can be added to any room, Aloe Vera is even listed as one of NASA’s top air improving plants.

For a more tropical, bohemian feel add Kentia palms,  Monstera, Philondredron and Devil’s Ivy, colourful pots or stands in metallic hues add a well styled touch.*

Ensure you add drainage plate under any of your plants directly in contact with the floors to avoid any water damage.

Plants 2

If all the walls in your rental are neutral, you can’t add that feature wall you’re thinking might look great so instead, a splash of unexpected colour can transform any space from boring to breathtaking.

Try lamp shades, throw rugs, cushions, plant pots, add oversized colourful art, or a bright rug, play with textures and tones to bring rooms to life.

If you’re feeling brave and creative, get crafty and add colour to your furniture, bright coloured stools, dining chairs or your outdoor furniture



Whether it’s cold laminate flooring, hard tiles, or seen-better-days carpet you’re trying to cover up, a good area rug will cover all flooring sins.
If you’re on a budget and want to save, DIY options like braided, nautical rope or rag rugs are a great alternative with easy instructions.

Rugs bring colour and texture into a space  and they’re yours forever, so invest in some you really like.


Decorative Storage

Modular storage is great for rented properties, not only will it fit any size or shape room, it’s also easy to remove at the end of a tenancy and provides ample space to display art, rest a large mirror on top, add potted plants, books or any decorative items you like to your space.
An open design will allow you to display all your prized possessions, giving your home even more personality without having to install permanent shelving.

Modular Storage 2

Non-permanent hooks can be a great option and mean you can hang all your favourites, if they are used correctly, these always come with a risk of pealing the paint so ensure you seek permission from your landlord.

Source Natalya Palassis
October 12, 2017
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